How to change a car’s license plate in photoshop

Posted by admin | On site photoshop tutorials | Tuesday 9 June 2009 12:56 pm

Tutorial difficulty – Easy

Here is a simple tutorial that will show you how to change the license plate of a car in photoshop. The actual purpose of this tutorial is to show you the basics of combining elements from different photos into a single one. Following the photoshop technique shown bellow you can do a lot of other fun stuff, like changing street names on street signs, change labels, traffic signs, billboards, etc.

1) For this tutorial you need to photos: one with a car that you want it’s license to be replaced, and another photo with a new license plate.

2) Make a selection around the new license plate like in the screen capture bellow. You can do this with either the wand tool, magnetic lasso

tool, polygonal tool or lasso tool, depending on your photo. In this case I have used the magnetic tool.

3) With the selection active, click on the “move tool” and drag the selection over the other image

4) As you can see, the new license plate is too big so we obviously need to scale it. Press “ctrl+T” and drag the start scaling it starting from one corner. Make sure you hold shift while scaling, so that it will be done proportionally. After having it scaled down to approximately the size of the old one, position it over, like in the screen capture bellow.

5) We are almost there. At this point we need to adjust the perspective of the new plate to match the old one. You can do this easily using the skew modifier

6) The position, the dimensions and the perspective look ok at this point, but in order to “blend” it better, we need to decrease the contrast and the brightness a bit (image, adjustments, brightness and contrast)

That’s it! We’re done!

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